Friday, July 8, 2011

DPW Old Mill and Tools challenges, etc.

"Neglected, but not Forgotten" 3.5x2.5 watercolor on paper
I'm surprised this painting fell together in an hour.  I had an hour to produce something before I had to fix dinner but I still went ahead and grabbed a blank ACEO watercolor paper (btw a gift from a dear friend Barbara Ann Spencer Jump).  She was kind enough to gift me a variety of watercolor papers in 2.5x3.5 format! This is equivalent to winning the raffle ticket for me because I can only cut trapezoids for some reason!  Check out the submissions "Paint What You Paint With Challenge"

I felt SOOOO challenged by the DPW Old Mill challenge!  It's not so much that the reference photo was low resolution and dreary.  But I admit, I'm not a landscape artist and I'm especially not used to painting with a with a make-believe prettier picture in my head HAHAHA  So I submitted anyway, such as it was....

"Solo Mio" 7x5 watercolor on paper

Finally, I took a picture of myself....rather, I happen to like this one picture I took recently of myself so I thought I'd paint it for the DPW All About Me challenge.  I started painting it before Romel Delatorre workshop, but I think was a mistake not to finish what I had started before the workshop because I was simply dying to paint when I got back!  It would have behooved me more to paint something on a blank canvas.  My saturated brain was not ready to go backwards.  So I'm disappointed in this painting.  I'd like to start painting with more subtlety.  We'll chalk this one up to painting while I'm in transition but I am sharing it here as starting point (fingers crossed).  We'll see where I go from here :)

"Departure" oil on linen 6x6 inches

Umm here is the reference photo don't laugh!  I am the only one allowed to laugh!  Oh of course you can laugh! :D


  1. Nice! I still can't get over that $350 price on your other ACEO!!!!!! You're like the ACEO goddess!

  2. Oh that's right! I should have raved about that on this post as I'm still giddy about it of course, breaking my old ACEO record $250.00. I'm excited about what to paint along the line of the sold item...

  3. Truly you have made leaps and bounds in the way you handle your chosen mediums. Other artists get stuck in a certain style and technique, but you, you are taking the right path in your growth as an artist. By attending art workshops and by fearlessly experimenting on new ways to improve your creativity show your maturity as an artist. Your paintings speak for themselves you know. Earning a degree in Fine Arts was only the beginning yet many stop there. Master Raul says he also continues to learn from his students and the young blood of artists. So sis, there's no stopping in creating, learning and enjoying it! You're doing it right!

  4. Yum yum yum! Thanks so much for feeding my inspiration Ate BBBBBbbbbb! I've been feeling restless with my oil paints specifically. And felt guilty about taking workshop. Agreed! I should pat myself on the back for wanting to keep learning :D

  5. Earika! Love the brushes. Your face is absolutely exquisite. Can't wait to hear what you learned in the workshop...I'm struggling to find my own 'face' voice!

  6. Red? My face is exquisite? Which face? I love your face voice in your most recent self portrait. I suggest you use it as FB profile pic, it's cheers me up when I see it because that's the face I see when I think of you - smiling :) xoxox


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