Thursday, September 16, 2010

Conte Pastels and New trailer

Here I was garbed with my spinning beanie hat interacting on art workshop online as a tester student. This is for our latest class offering, a sepia or sanguine portrait class by a master of the medium Leslie B. DeMille. My 3-eyed drawing depicts different eye angles which Les demonstrates in his class.

First he drew some fruits to show simpler shapes that are reminiscent of faces but less intimidating to draw. Then the facial features: eyes, noses and mouths. Then a portrait from start to finish that he drew from a live model. Click on each of my images to see better if you wish to see larger :)

Finally another trailer I've edited today. The youtube videos are the only public ones and it's less than a 5th of what I edit daily since I started working for MyArtTutor. But we can only make the complete class videos available to students. So I hope you enjoy another trailer by me for MyArtTutor!


  1. Wow Erika you have been busy. I'm happy to see you working, making art and helping artists-YOU
    are Awesome!

  2. Alice!!!!!!! So good to see you! Yes doing some art and maybe beginning to miss my own art for a change too :) Thank you! xox

  3. Whoo-Hoo! Lookin' good. I worked on website all day, and then to blogspot where I failed miserably. don't want to turn over a mess, tho

  4. You failed at blogspot how? I'm gonna hafta check...

  5. Hi Tootsie!
    Nice to see you, beanie and all! Nice of those angles led to my instructor picking up and moving my easel to a "better" position. HA!


  6. Hi Tootsie Roll! I love my beanie!!! It spins when I go full speed :D Thanks oh I'm glad your instructor approves! Umm why do you need an instructor??? xome


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