Friday, February 12, 2010

Portrait of Karin

"Portrait of Karin Jurick" oil on canvas 10"x10"x2"

FINALLY we got green light from dear SURPRISE COORDINATOR Jill Polsby to publish out secret portraits of the talented Karin Jurick who is the coordinator of Different Strokes by Different Folks blog. I love how this piece turned out. It is fun to do a piece for a fellow artist who would appreciate a more painterly style vs for clients who expected smoother approach for the most part. I think seeing brush strokes and some preliminary markings who the artist's hand or touch a lot better and I'd find it more personal.

I can't wait to see other works from same photo! Jill sent us a still shot captured from Youtube so it wasn't the best resolution but maybe it's good to have a not so perfect reference....hmmm.

**update! I just got a preview of the book presented to Karin of the 118 portraits painted by like number of participants thanking her for all Karin has done for us and it's impressive and beautiful! Thank you Jill for your hard work and thoughtfulness!


  1. I think the spirit of Auguste Renoir lives through you now Erika. Your colors are so feminine and warm and your piece has that soft romantic glow. I know Karin will be breathless.

  2. Awesome Erika! You brought a softness to her face that other didn't or could not [including me] capture.

  3. Hi Alice!!! I'm so glad you participated! Renoir? Oh Alice if only it were true - he always has open invitation in to my creativity thank you dear! I'm almost done with my portrait :)

  4. Sheila thank you! So nice to be a co-participant with you! I think we all captured different qualities from Karin's photos and of course we all added a bit of ourselves to the piece :)

  5. Wonderful job, Erica. I love the palette you used.

  6. Thank you so much Edward! I appreciate your input all the time!


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