Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Morphing 44 Presidents

I thought I'd share this since I am in the middle of creating art. Since I am also a graphic designer and have done some animation in Hollywood, I have great appreciation for the crafting of these kinds of productions. ENJOY!


  1. Thank you for sharing the presidents. I know more than a couple of people I want to show this to.

  2. So you talents continue to reveal themselves...anime & graphic design eh?

    thanks for sharing this video. Sure makes the point. We are visual gluttons aren't we? Hmmmm I wonder what you're working on.....nothing to do with a "Pink Lady"?


  3. aargh. this posting verification has a buG! I enjoyed this last night on your facebook...great technology...

  4. Tiglizzyclone isn't this a cool animation? I wish I had the software to play with so I can waste more time lol

  5. Sheila I didn't create the animation, I wish I did because it would mean I owned the software which is totally cool!

    Pink Lady? I'm working on graphic stuff which is another source of income :)

  6. Red thought you'd like it. I know, blogger can get buggy at times.


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